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Henry Cooper

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Oct 10, 2017
Collection of Instagram related guides
If you think something is missing on the list or you want a guide about a specific topic , lets us know below !
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Nov 15, 2017
Imma just drop my personal guide wishlist here:

Guide to proxy and IP management. (Not directly about growing accounts, but indirectly related)
In the search for good clean local proxies, I have had some proxies created for me (I outsource this :)) on locally based VM's for my own personal use. Maybe others have done the same... Thing is, I don't fully know what I am doing, just learning as I go. Mistakes have been made. I have seen things mentioned by @Henry Cooper about:

Pre-identifying datacenter ranges and IPs to ensure that accounts will never land on a IP where it is 100% certain that you are running a bot.
Some creativity and fraud protection systems made this possible
Google captcha Load Balancing system
Make sure there is no negative effects on clustering multiple accounts on the same subnet

I made the mistake once of clustering too many accounts on one subnet. If only I had known.. now I am spreading out, but I am just guessing how many accounts per IP range/subnet.. what is too close? Whats the magic formula? How to find the spammer-bot-free zones? I don't want to be a proxy provider, but while I am using proxies that I am responsible for administering, I want to be doing it well.

Maybe this is too advanced info or part of your business/methods you don't want to disclose, if so I understand.

For my part, I will share with you that I am in the process of experimenting with setting up customized hardware based proxies at customers physical location on their own IP, so I can start botting with the clients own residential IP and be done with it :p. Its not practical for all customers, but if it works, it will be sweet. I am very close to achieving this.


For your "How to use and how to not use Hashtags" Guide, I'd like to learn more about advanced Hashtag Analytics. For example how to check for hashtag ranking in automated way. Also, how to check a Hashtags recent activity level. For example #olympics2016 > obviously not gonna be busy now, but its not always so obvious just by looking at it. I'm trying to find smaller but active hashtags and avoid played out ones, in an at least semi-automated way.


Finally, I'm wondering, is this active can we register, is there growth tracking available behind that login screen > ?


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Oct 19, 2017
There is many ways to do it, but I will write up a guide in the next few weeks, if no one else finds time to do that :)
And this is how the demise of another IG 'Hack' starts :p But it's always bound to happen that sooner or later everyone jumps on it and IG does something about it