IGTV and the effects on influencer marketing (discussion)

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Oct 10, 2017
So as many of you might have heard already there is a new thing on the horizon... IGTV (https://instagram-press.com/blog/2018/06/20/welcome-to-igtv/).

While I wont go so much into detail about the features itself - since those can be read in detail everywhere and especially on instagram-press.com - let's talk about the influencer marketing effects. Those changes might be huge, depending how fast people adapt to it and if it gains a critical mass to be a new format that content creators will prefer over the existing Instagram-YouTube concept.

The current Instagram-Youtube concept

Currently the market for shoutouts, stories and any kind of promotions on Instagram are mainly (from my personal experience) used by small and medium marketers because of the friction that comes with getting each shoutout done (contact, negotiation, scheduling, etc.). Big marketers tend to use celebrities for a higher reach and less time invested per reach. So what is currently happening is the following: There is a big amount of small to medium size influencers that use the known "fast forward" videos (referring to the beauty and fashion video niche), teasing their audience for the full length videos on YouTube. This results in low-medium budget advertisements on their Instagram videos, while the space in their YouTube videos gets rented out by high budget marketers. While this is mainly a reference to the beauty niche, it reflects the same situation for many other niches.

Why the costs of influencer marketing might rise

With a new format comes new advertisement possibilities and in this case it opens the door to marketing material and concepts from existing platforms (YouTube). The well known sponsored promotion methods that are used on YouTube by various companies can now also be applied to Instagram. By luring in high budget marketers to this market and giving content creators an incentive to switch to the new format, the old model of 30 second full promotional videos might vanish over time. Why?
  • The difference between a full featured video and a simple ad will be much more clear to the user then before.
  • Being able to channel all traffic through the same platform without the need of making people check the full length videos on youtube
Short term profits and early adopter benefits

The same way many of us abused the shit out of story promotions, the same can be applied to IGTV until the bigger agencies and players adapt their strategy to those changes. So also this time my recommendation is, put as many good ROI shoutout sources under a contract (exclusive promotion in the niche of your choice) as you can before people start to realize the potential. Also gaming the content delivery algorithm for IGTV should be much easier earlier on, then months into the feature. While I am not a friend of short term raids, the money that can be made additional on those new features should not be ignored. Especially if you are already into the influencer marketing world.

Possible technical key benefits

Everyone aware of image recognition (https://cloud.google.com/vision/) will agree that it is harder - even tho its done and possible - to categorize video material over images. Especially through the heavy re-posting of images Instagram became quiet good at auto detecting content (those effects can be seen by posts that do not use hashtags at all). So this might open new possibilities to game the system without many efforts.

The future will show what will happen on the Adult and Movie Streaming niches. Being able to upload long videos adds new possibilities to both of those fields, especially for private accounts (less restrictions).

Possible technical drawbacks
  • Scraping in a bigger scale for content will be harder, especially for back-evaluating content, since data storage might be a little issue on videos that are 300 MB or bigger (on a large scale).
  • Generating IGTV views (compared to story views) will cause much more traffic and CPU costs depending on the minimum amount of seconds required to trigger a view (implying http request trickery can't be applied)

What are your thoughts on the topic?
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Jul 15, 2018
a bit off-topic but i find this move from IG really interesting...Youtube is a search engine and IG is a social network. YT is the 2nd largest search engine in the world after Google in fact its the 1st for many different niches which they have been dominating for long. with this move of IGTV i wonder if they will losing even more content creators for specific niches. and i also wonder if IG will improve the search funtionality that move would be a killer in my opinion
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